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  About us  
  We are the family and friends of Mani Subramanian, to whom this site is dedicated.
Our family spans states, countries, and oceans. Primarily in the United States, but of Indian (and Irish, we didn't forget about you Patrick) ancestory, we make our homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Virginaia, Texas, New York, and Georgia, among other locations.
Internationally, we also have a significant family presence throughout India and, recently, in Great Britain.
In India, our family makes it's home in Chennai, Mumbai, and Calcutta, with regional presence in other locations.
Mani's five children (Murthi, Murali, Chetan, Ramesh, and Mohan) and their families, who are the primary contributors of this site, are detailed below:
  • C.S. Murthi
  • Banu Murthi
  • C.S. Murali
  • Uma Murali
  • Vijay Murali
  • Vivek Murali
  • Chetan Sankar
  • Lakshmi Sankar
  • Shiva Sankar
  • Akila McConnell
  • Patrick McConnell
  • C.S. Ramesh
  • Nimi Ramesh
  • Aparjitha Ramesh
  • Ani Ramesh
  • Ram Mohan
  • Rupa Mohan
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